Universal Kabbalah

Universal Kabbalah
The Kabbalah is a system for expanding our consciousness and
awareness towards accelerated evolution. This system is based on the idea that all answers are within each of us, waiting to be revealed. The most important thing to living a fulfilled life is to be able to find and ask the correct questions. The Kabbalah teaches you how to ask the right questions and gives direct solutions to any problem.

Deciphering the ancient sacred geometric glyph of the Tree of Life, Kabbalah moves us into a new world of thinking, opening gates to
hidden dimensions of understanding and awareness. This glyph is comprised of ten spheres of influence, which represent the map of the universe, including all aspects of God, and is compatible with all
religious beliefs. The Tree of Life is the DNA, the blueprint of one’s
entire being. In ascending the Tree, the blueprint of life itself is
explained and influenced so that we can fully transform ourselves
inside and out.


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