Testimonials-Man-On-MountainReleasing your Negative Emotions CANADA JAN 2013


Amazing Class! Very informative with a lot of great tips and advice. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. I am excited to apply this wisdom to my own life.
Stephanie Vassos, New Market, Ontario

I felt blockages begin to loosen even while still sitting in the class.
Jacqueline, London, Ontario

It was a very empowering experience. I feel more equipped to deal with my own issues. I feel more hopeful for my future.
Anonymous, Toronto, Ontario

This class is always a great reminder to how we conduct our thoughts and how to directly deal with the negative ego. It is practical on all levels in life.

Edith Koleszar, Toronto, Ontario

This class is amazing. The topics touch a piece inside of me and help me realize where my negative ego rules over me. I realize through taking and auditing this class that I am much more than I realize. The fear that paralyses me is now in for a fight.
I will now start to see my negative ego as a separate entity that lacks purpose in my work and my path. Thanks so much! Can I come to this class on a monthly basis? I wish!

Kerri Bailey, Cambridge, Ontario



Thank you Dave Lanyon for igniting this bonfire underneath me!

LPA, Cape Town, South Africa

AWESOME!! A lot of cool information, so relevant to the times now. Stuff you would never learn anywhere else.

Toby Maggs, Cape Town, South Africa

This course has been an investment in myself. Having two days to reflect and reconnect with my dreams and desires has been valuable in our fast moving world where anyone can get distracted by external noise and obligation.
A lot of light bulbs have gone off for me especially around being proactive rather than living reactively in the world.

Margaret Stone, Cape Town, South Africa

I whole heartedly recommend the Self-Leadership in the New Paradigm Program. This program has provided me with deep insights into who I am and how to lead from the heart.
Furthermore, the practical nature of the program has enabled me to begin implementing steps that will assist me in meeting my objectives.

Brian Leong, Cape Town, South Africa

Cool class! I feel motivated and inspired. I will take the Releasing your Negative Emotions class the next time it is available. Thank you Dave for your passion.

Marcel Plodzien, Cape Town, South Africa

What a great class!! Thank you Dave! I have learned a lot, remembered some of my preconceived
ideas and had them turned around and changed. This Self-Leadership class is so
much more than what the title implies. I now understand what keeps me from successfully manifesting and re-arranging my life and business. Besides that knowledge, I now have the tools with which to course correct.

Mariana Smitt, Cape Town, South Africa

This has been a very inspiring class for me. Dave has handed down so many tools that I
know are going to help me make my dream and vision into my reality.
What is so amazing is that it is really simple, yet it guides you on how to get there in a way that is successful and works!
Thank you Dave, I feel honoured that you are sharing your amazing knowledge and your time with us.

Catherine Galathiankis, Cape Town, South Africa

The Leadership Program helped me to identify and name the things which prevent me from taking my life and business to the next level of greatness by using a process very different to what I have experienced before, which is using my heart to navigate that what I would like to achieve and how to get there.
This program and what it teaches can add value to people on all levels regardless of their education and/or experience. Thank you Dave for this experience.

Marda Hull, Cape Town, South Africa

For some of us, something about the systems of this world always felt off key. All courses and trainings on the topic of leadership and management amounted to nothing more than the blind leading the blind. In this Self Leadership program Dave highlights the element of self-leadership — guiding yourself away from your fears, helping you remember what your heart seeks to achieve and empowering you to embrace and abundant, joyful future in alignment with who you truly are! A very well crafted and empowering course.

Chrissy Venter, Attorney South Africa

They say “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and so it was. Even though I had changed many physical things in my life, in my mind I was still stuck in the old thought patterns and behaviour. Along came Dave and shattered those – not in an aggressive or hurtful way, but with love and humor. What an inspiration! He has shown me how easy change can be and I look forward to going to the next level. Who knows what else he can all help me with!!!

Tanja Woolfe, Cape Town, South Africa

It is an amazing program. You learn to kick your fear and negative ego to the ground so that you can move forward in life.

Stephan Venter, Cape Town, South Africa



I have taken NUMEROUS courses and workshops on “leadership” and NONE have unlocked the key like this one has. I have searched high and low to find the missing link, and this class gave me the simple and straight forward formula. It is clear to me now how to move past my stumbling blocks and head towards fulfillment and joy.
Dave is an extremely dynamic teacher who explains the concepts in ways for EVERYONE to fully understand and integrate. It just makes so much sense now!

Jeannie Vassos, New Market, Ontario

This is information and tools you truly can’t get anywhere else. The Self-Leadership class shows you how to truly take control of your life in spite of outside influences. I have been able to clearly outline my next steps and how to achieve them. Something that I haven’t been able to do before on my own. The opportunity for me to accomplish what I set out to do has multiplied many times over. The door has been unlocked!

Kathleen Petersen, Milton, Ontario

This class gave me more definition to the way I think and act and why I might do certain things. It felt like I cleaned up a messy room that can now function better. This class has also gave me clarity in where I am, where I am going and what is holding me back, as well as giving me tools and tips to help me achieve my goals.

Alex Hill, Orangeville, Ontario



This class helped me see a new perspective on how to see and use money. I will use the tools and teachings given to better my financial life now!


This class has shown me where my misunderstanding around money exists, and how to shift that into a new money mindset. Even though being honest with where I have been blocking money is hard, I’m now ready to deal with those issues, use the tools given and move forward into a life with all the money I could need and more. I’m thrilled to know that I can bring in wealth and all of the empowering things I can do with it. Bring on the money!!

Kathleen Petersen

Truly inspirational class. I felt it shifted my perspective on money. It’s given me the drive on how I can truly create wealth in my life. I can’t wait to put what I’ve learned in action and see the awesome fruits that will grow. Thanks Dave! I will definitely tell others about this class!!!

Joyce Ongkeko

Thanks again Dave, for sharing your understanding, knowledge and wisdom that you’re life has brought to you and you have shared it with us once again. I’ve seen what and where my “stuck” points are in my life, the “lack of” areas. Thank you for being a guiding light in my life and helping illuminate what I need to see at this point in my life.

Kerri Bailey

AWESOME!! A lot of cool information, so relevant to the times now. Stuff you would never learn anywhere else.

Toby Maggs, Cape Town, South Africa

It was an inspiring experience. I am pumped about applying the tools and getting rich!


This class was great in identifying where I have led myself astray in the past, and what I can do to change in the future. I was introduced to new concepts that have changed how I look at making money. I feel like this class combined with the Self-Leadership class has really set me in a place to finally achieve my goals and make lots of money doing it.

Alex Hill