About Us

About UsL.I.F.E. Programs has an innovative approach to empowerment seminars and workshops, offering unprecedented formulas for success to help you to make the choices for your life that will enable you to be happy and make your dreams come true.

The inspiration for L.I.F.E. Programs originates from Dave Lanyon, who has travelled the world for the last 25 years training and coaching individuals, small businesses, and corporations to achieve success in all areas of life: financial well-being, athletic prowess, emotional health and mental acuity. The result: a revolutionary methodology that creates inspiration, fulfillment and freedom in people’s lives.

Dave and the team of instructors provide teachings all over North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Attendants at L.I.F.E. programs are from all walks of life, all cultures, all professions. The participant list is comprised of executives, lawyers, doctors, caregivers, mothers, fathers, small business owners and extends to all age ranges from high school and university students to retired men and women.

L.I.F.E. Programs provides transformative teachings that have been honed through the practical application of metaphysics, psychology, sociology, shamanism and philosophy. These highly effective tools have assisted thousands worldwide in receiving clarity about their life path and created a mass shift in their understanding of themselves.

The mission of L.I.F.E. Programs is to inspire successful living and thriving, not just surviving. Everyone has within them a penchant for the betterment of themselves, which we believe can make the world a better place. Human consciousness is experiencing an evolution that is creating a mass change on the planet. Spiritualists would say it is an energetic shift, historians might say we are entering another Golden Age, psychologists could say we are evolving in our ability to relate to each other, but we believe people, now more than ever, are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and wanting more out of life. Truly empowered people are happier people, and L.I.F.E is Life in full empowerment!